Saturday, 6 November 2010


ALOC BLACC - GOOD THINGS (Stones Throw) Double LP £18

You might've seen this dapper fella on Later...With Jools Holland last week. Very good he was too, nice smooth danceable soul.

This album marks a shift in methodology from personal to political for Aloe Blacc, who refers to the project as his report on present conditions - the misappropriation of wealth, pillaging of resources, universal lack of compassion, and the struggle to survive. 

Ethereal production from Truth & Soul’s Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman mask a foreboding undercurrent in which Aloe Blacc crafts thought provoking lyrics. Nowhere is this more evident than on hit lead single ‘I Need A Dollar’.

As usual, top notch stuff from Stones Throw.


Madlib, J Dilla, Peanut Butter Wolf...does modern hip hop get much better than this I wonder? It's a few years old (2003) but it still sounds fresh. 17 tracks from arguably some of the best producers of the last ten years. Features guests Guilty Simpson, Talib Kweli, Quasimoto (who is actually Madlib's alter ego), Percee Pee and Frank-N-Dank. Any fan of modern hip hop that wants to hear boundaries being pushed should invest in this. Again, Stones Throw, what can I say?

GUILTY SIMPSON - OJ SIMPSON (Stones Throw) Double LP £18

OK, yes, it's another disc from Stones Throw. So here's the blurb this time:

Producer Madlib + MC Guilty Simpson = OJ Simpson. No blood-stained gloves or slo-mo freeway pursuits, just hard-hitting, straight-from-the-gutter hip hop tracks featuring Guilty’s inimitable baritone, and an equal number of Madlib’s signature album-as-soundtrack/radio/sideshow arrangements, where the beat and sequence is as important as the rap. 

This, with a couple no-nonsense guest appearances, some cuts by J. Rocc, and a whole bunch of attitude, makes up one of the best underground hip hop projects in a long while. The charisma that Detroit’s heavy hitting MC Guilty Simpson and the LA-based Beat Konducta Madlib share testifies to a musical kinship that is rare in today’s rapper-as-an-accessory marketplace. Going back to Guilty’s first appearance on wax (Jaylib’s ‘Strapped’ in 2003), Guilty over a Madlib beat is like hearing Guru over Premier circa ‘Daily Operation’, or CL over Pete around the time of ‘Straighten It Out’. Some times, an ill rapper and a dope producer just work that well together.

DEAD SKELETONS - DEAD MANTRA (A Records) Etched one-sided 10" £8

This is flying out already.

Released on Anton Newcombe’s own record label , this 10 minute one side etched 10” has already receiving airplay on BBC Radio 6 & Dead TV to name a few places. The Dead Skeletons are a Velvet Underground for the 21st century: idiosyncratic and forever skating on the edge of the void; scared of nothing and appreciative of everything. 

The Dead Skeletons are of many worlds but currently - luckily for us - they camp out on planet earth. Their 2009 track "Dead Mantra" became a huge hit on the internet and gained something of a cult following in the uk after it was played regularly at Alan McGee's "Death Disco" club in London. Members are Nonni Dead & Henrik Björnsson and guests (the Monks of the Dead Temple). Their first single "Dead Mantra" includes artists Ryan Carlson Van Kriedt & Aislinn Van Kriedt.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Black Keys Dublin tickets for sale

Due to changing circumstances, we have two standing tickets for The Black Keys' gig at The Tripod in Dublin on Wednesday 27 October.

Please get in touch through our email dragonrecords [at] gmx [dot] co [dot] uk if you'd like to get hold of one or two of them.


Friday, 15 October 2010

The entire Back On Black catalogue has arrived

We've recently taken delivery of the entire catalogue from Black On Black records.

Back On Black specialises in vinyl editions of classic metal albums and is dedicated to providing top quality releases. The releases are pressed on heavyweight vinyl to produce the very best in sound quality and beautiful vinyl colours are carefully chosen to complement the artwork, with some releases available in a variety of colours for the dedicated collector.
The artwork itself is re-worked to faithfully interpret the original album, and reproduced on superior quality gatefold sleeves in heavy weight card with a superb and unrivalled finish.
As well as all the remastered LPs of classic albums from throughout metal’s history, Back On Black also issues many exclusive vinyl editions of contemporary metal releases. 
Here's a selection of artists from the 175 LPs we got in:
Burzum, Opeth, Motorhead, Amon Amarth, Emperor, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Saxon, Enslaved, Nuclear Assault, Judas Priest, Mayhem and many many more.
Well worth checking out!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New stock update - Bruce Haack, White Noise Sound, Dean & Britta, The Black Keys and more...


This is an album of vocoder-based recordings from 1970 to 1983 of the electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack.

Farad: The Electric Voice includes out of print and previously unreleased tracks and specifically focuses on tracks using Haack's self-made vocoder, which he named "Farad". This was the one of the first truly musical vocoders, and the first to be used on a pop album, pre-dating Kraftwerk’s "Autobahn" by several years.


Minimal Wave is both a genre of underground DIY electronic music from North America and Europe in the late 70s and 80s and the name of the label devoted to unearthing these recordings.

The Minimal Wave Tapes is the first official anthology of Minimal Wave music from this label. Most of the songs were originally released on limited edition 
cassettes or vinyl by the artists themselves, and only a handful of people knew about them. They’ve been remastered from their analogue source tapes and compiled here by Minimal Wave's Veronica Vasicka and Stones Throw's Peanut Butter Wolf.

The album has tracks from Linear Movement, Crash Course In Science, Oppenheimer Analysis, Mark Lane, Tara Cross, Turquoise Days, Bene Gesserit, Esplendor Geometrico, Das Ding, Martin Dupont, Deux, Somnambulist, Ohama and Das Kabinette.

TENDER TRAP - DANSETTE DANSETTE (Fortuna Pop!) LP with download code £13

This band features the wonderful indie pop goddess Amelia Fletcher (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and occasional contributor to The Wedding Present, The Pooh Sticks and Hefner) and this, the band's third album celebrates all things indie pop and twee (in a good way, of course!). 

One of the better mid-80s indiepop revival sounding bands...but then again, Amelia was there, she knows how to do it properly. The album comes with a download code to get an mp3 version of the album.


This is a solo project of Kid Millions, drummer for Oneida and it comes in a beautifully silk screened cover.

More abstract than most of Oneida's work, it's Kid Millions on tuned drums and Richard Hoffman on bass. Two long tracks, split over two sides of the LP, and an interesting listen for open-minded folk willing to take a risk into 
something improvised and of course, experimental.

PEOPLE OF THE NORTH - DEEP TISSUE (Brah/Jagjaguwar) LP with download code £16

Another Oneida offshoot, featuring Kid Millions again, and Bobby Matador, the band's keyboard player at the core, although all of Oneida have played with the band on occasion.

While there are no clearly defined boundaries separating this band from Oneida, it might be fair to say that the music tends to be more along the lines of minimalism, repetition, and improvisation. Suicide, Silver Apples and CLuster could all be suggested as reference points for this release. Well worth dipping your ears into.

THE BLACK KEYS - THE BIG COME UP (Alive) swirled vinyl LP £15

This is The Black Keys' debut album, released in 2002. It is by far the band's rawest album, and it is pretty much amazing. A bluesy, rocking, swaggering beast of an album from Dan Auerbach (vocals/guitar) and Pat Carney (drums). 

There are a few covers (Junior Kimbrough, The Beatles, The Stooges) amongst the band's originals, and it all makes for a great listen. There are so many great tracks on here, you'll wonder what you did without it.

AWESOME COLOR - MASSA HYPNOS (Ecstatic Peace!) LP with dowload code and poster £15 / CD £13

Coming out with their third album on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label, Awesome Color delivers powerful psych garage rock with definite inspiration from The Stooges and MC5 (two of the three in the band are from Michigan, 
after all). Quality riffage.


This band's getting quite a lot of attention at the moment, and it's much deserved. This LA-based female quartet make interesting experimental psychedelic rock, and this record has been described as "a collection of magical 
psychedelia drifting over sublime moments of raw melody courtesy of the three free ethereal vocalists”.

The band is playing at Dublin's Crawdaddy on 21 October. They've also contributed to a David Bowie covers project, more info about that is below.


It seems that some of these have been incorrectly pressed, so side A is side B, and vice versa, but that doesn't matter too much when the music's top notch.

Warpaint's cover is pretty much very faithful to the original, although a tad slower, and it's very lovely. Sister Crayon take a departure from the original, so there's no acoustic guitar in there, and it's pretty synth-heavy. This single is in aid of the charity War Child so there's another good reason for picking it up.

WHITE NOISE SOUND - WHITE NOISE SOUND (Alive) purple vinyl LP £16 / CD £13

This is on in the shop at the moment, for its fourth time in succession, soon to be its fifth.

To say this Welsh sextet has been listening to Spacemen 3, Loop, The Stooges and Suicide might be a tiny understatement, but that is what makes them so utterly fabulous. There are riffs, there is repetition, there is heaviness, there are waves, there are keyboards, there are delays, there are dreamy get the picture.

This is going to be well up there in my favourite albums of the year. The vinyl is a lovely shade of purple, and Cian Ciaran of Super Furry Animals gets a thank you in the liner notes, as does Pete Kember. SHOCKER!


Pete Kember appears again, this time remixing two tracks on this deluxe gatefold package, which is limited to 3,000 copies worldwide. The package contains a twelve page booklet with an essay by Dean Wareham and stills from Warhol's screen tests.

Dean and Britta have created thirteen pieces of music to accompany the original screen tests, which were all silent, and the album comprises brand new, unused or unfinished Dean & Britta songs, plus two covers, Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine" and The Velvet Underground's "Not a Young Man Anymore". A lovely package.

Our new phone number

We've got a new phone number. Yes, it's a mobile, but it was either that or £120 + VAT to get a BT line in! So we're on 07542 285 995. Call or text, or email us on New stock update coming soon!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Adebisi Shank, The Redneck Manifesto and Logikparty

The new album by Adebisi Shank is now in on LP and CD (£11) and it's a cracker. You've probably seen it mentioned all over the blogosphere, and it is well worth picking up.

Also definitely worth getting your hands on is The Redneck Manifesto's stuff. We've got Friendship in on LP (£11) and CD (£10) and we also have the reissue of 'Thirty Six Strings/Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head' on double CD (£12).

The Logikparty 'High Risk Narcissist' 10" is in as well (£10) and is another good 'un!

All the vinyl copies of these releases come with download cards to redeem the mp3 copies.

We love The Richter Collective releases here at Dragon Records. You can't go wrong with their stuff!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Loud And Quiet magazine in stock

We've just received the latest issue of Loud And Quiet magazine instore.

In this issue there are features on Fever Ray, !!!, Warpaint, Zola Jesus, Peepholes, Prizes, Black Angels, AVI Buffalo, Sauna Youth and more.

Come on in and pick one up, it's free.

You can also check out the website

Peaceville metal delivery

We took a delivery of Peaceville CDs today - Darkthrone, Autopsy, Katatonia, Opeth, My Dying Bride, Pentagram, Axegrinder, Napalm Death, Carpathian Forest, Cradle Of Filth and more. All priced at £10. Come on in and check them out.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

AU magazine now in stock

We're now stocking AU magazine and issue 68 is instore now.

It's free so come and pick one up.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

New issue of The Stool Pigeon is in

The new issue of The Stool Pigeon is in, with bits on Salem, John Maus, Cee-Lo Green, No Age, N*E*R*D, Nile Rodgers and more, plus the usual review section on books, albums, demos etc.

It's free and instore now so come and pick one up!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Record Collector October 2010

Thanks to Ben Allen, the shop got a mention in the latest issue of Record Collector (the one with Hendrix on the cover). There's a piece on us on page 145 and there's a piece on Ben on page 27. Available at all good newsagents!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Prepare yourselves

Hello all. It's a big one.

As promised, here's a stock update for us at Dragon Records. So, here's what's recently come into the shop for your aural pleasure:

Elephant9 - Walk The Nile (Rune Grammofon) LP with download code £18
Contemporary Norwegian jazz from this trio of Fender Rhodes/Hammond organ/synth, drums and electric bass. This fantastic album was recorded live in the studio last year, six tracks of brilliance. If you like The Thing (more excellent Scandinavian jazz) then this is most definitely for you. Jazz with a punk attitude. And a bit of prog thrown in for good measure.

Strong Arm Steady - In Search Of Stoney Jackson (Stones Throw) double LP £16
This LA collective's second album, produced by Peanut Butter Wolf and Madlib, is as top notch as abstract/experimental hip hop gets. Madlib is probably the best hip hop producer out there at the minute, IMHO. Eighteen tracks over four sides of vinyl. Totally necessary.

Madvillain - Madvillainy (Stones Throw) double LP £15
This is MF Doom and Madlib and IMHO (once again) is possibly MF Doom's finest moment, along with his stint in KMD, and that's saying something, this guy's done a lot of great stuff. This is utterly fabulous, great beats and cut up snippets from Madlib and great verses from MF Doom on this almost-concept album about super villains. Along with Rakim, MF Doom has one of the greatest voices in hip hop. You need this.

Madlib - Medicine Show No.4: 420 Chalice All-Stars (Stones Throw) CD £14
"aka Son Of Super Ape" and you can tell that by the cover. "Selected and mixed by Madlib, a musical disc from the flick of the wrist to make you jump and twist" is what the cover says, and I'd say that's about right. Purely Jamaican sounds on this disc, clocking in at ten seconds short of eighty minutes.

Hole - The First Session (Sympathy For The Record Industry) CD £9
The raw early Hole sound with a booklet containing an interview and early posters that Courtney Love designed. Four tracks - Retard Girl, Phone Bill Song, Turpentine and Johnny's In The Bathroom.

Awesome Color - Massa Hypnos (Ecstatic Peace!) CD £13
Coming out with their third album on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label, Awesome Color delivers powerful psych garage rock with definite inspiration from The Stooges and MC5 (two of the three in the band are from Michigan, after all). Quality riffage.

Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio - The Creation Of The Universe (Sister Ray) double CD £15
These two special live concert recordings of non-vocal music featuring Lou Reed on guitar and electronics, Ulrich Krieger on tenor sax and live electronics, and Sarth Calhoun on live processing and fingerboard continuum (whatever that might be). Lou says "we have formed a recording unit called Best Seat In The House. We intend to put out different types of my music, from industrial to meditative to songs and all subway stops in between. Our first release is a live recording of two great nights live at the Redcat in LA, The Creation Of The Universe. We include some pics by me."

ESG - A South Bronx Story (Soul Jazz Records) double LP £13
This compilation covers the period from 1980 to the early 1990s.The three sisters mixed dance, punk, funk and an overall raw dance sound to create seminal tracks such as You're No Good, Moody and UFO. This is great value comp for those wanting a classic piece of musical history.

A Certain Ratio - To Each... (Soul Jazz Records) double LP £13
This Manchester band has influenced many bands in its wake. Produced by the band and Martin Hannett, this was the band's first full studio album, and was originally released in 1981 on Factory Records. A post-punk mix of funk, dub, percussion and electronics to create a truly unique sound at the time. This re-released version includes another record which has two extra tracks, Abracadubra and Sommadub.

Sound Dimension - Jamaica Soul Shake Vol.1 (Soul Jazz Records) double LP £13
This album of Studio One recordings by Coxsone Dodds' studio band covers reggae, rocksteady and funk over its fifteen tracks. There are no vocals on this album, just some of Jamaica's finest players stretching out and enjoying themselves.

Jackie Mittoo and The Soul Brothers - Last Train To Skaville (Sould Jazz Records) double LP £13
A founding member of The Skatalites, this record was recorded between 1965 and 1967, just as Jamaican music was changing between ska and rocksteady, and the music on this album has touches of funk, Latin and jazz.

Robert Pete Williams, Hogman Maxey and Guitar Welch - Angola Prisoners' Blues (Doxy) LP £15
Recorded at Camp H, Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana in 1959, this album is one of the finest field recordings of all time. Nine tracks split between the three bluesmen on 180g vinyl. A piece of recording history.

Carcass - Flesh Ripping Demos and Reek Of Putrefaction (limited numbered picture discs) £15 each
Grind mastery on lovely picture discs. You know it makes sense.

Various artists - a load of reggae vinyl, mostly at £12 each
I'll just list what came in, there's a lot there, so:
Leroy Smart - Mr Smart In Dub
John Holt - Greatest Hits
Trinity - Life
Dennis Brown - No Man Is An Island
Dillinger - Ready Natty Dreadie
Heptones - Ding A Ling
Don Drummond - The Best Of
The Gladiators - Studio One Presenting The Gladiators
Sir Coxsone & Duke Reid - In Concert At Forresters Hall
Ken Boothe - More Of Ken Boothe
Various compilations on Studio One and Treasure Isle

Soul Jazz Records
We've had a delivery of a number of Soul Jazz Records vinyl releases, these are all compilations, and all top notch stuff, and not just soul or jazz, there's allsorts there. Here's what we got in:
Dub Echoes
This is the album that complements the film of the same name. A great selection of tracks on a triple LP at £15. Includes Lee Perry, Roots Manuva, King Tubby, Dub Syndicate and more.
Rare and previously unreleased reggae, funk and soul from Impact! and Randy's Records. A double LP at £13, including Tommy McCook, Jackie Mittoo, Augustus Pablo and others.
100% Dynamite series
We've got 100%, 200% and 400% Dynamite in at the minute, all at £13 for double LPs. Artists on these volumes include Lady Apache, Shinehead, The Upsetters, U-Roy, Prince Buster, Tenor Saw, Dennis Alcapone, Barrington Levy and loads more.
Studio One series
More double LPs at £13, namely Women, Rude Boy, Dub, Ska, Soul, Rockers, DJs, Classics, Roots, Lovers, Roots, Scorcher and Funk. So spread over these albums you'll find Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis, Skatalites, Delroy Wilson, Dillinger, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Hortense Ellis, Marcia Griffiths, Dawn Penn, Ernest Ranglin, Horace Andy, Prince Jazzbo, Lone Ranger, Burning Spear, Zoot Sims, Count Ossie, Prince Far I, Big Joe, The Mad Lads, Errol Dunkley, The Gaylads, Cedric Im Brooks, Sound Dimension and plenty more.
Box Of Dub
Volumes one and two of this, at £16 for a triple LP. This is dubstep and future dub, with tracks from Kode 9, Burial, King Midas Sound, Digital Mystikz, Skream and more. Highly recommended.
Steppa's Delight
We've got three different albums from this series, two at £15 for triple LPs and one at £14 for a double. Artists include The Bug, Benga, Cotti, Darkstar, Sully Shanks and more.
An England Story - From Dancehall To Grime: 25 Years Of The The MC In The UK 1983-2008
This is what is on in the shop as I type, and it is superb. It's the second volume in the series, and has tracks from Warrior Queen, General Levy, Blak Twang, Tippa Irie and more. A great mix of ragga, hip hop, grime etc. Really really good, and highly recommended. A double LP at £13.
Freedom Rhythm & Sound
We've got volumes one and two in at the moment. Subtitled "Revolutionary Jazz & The Civil Rights Movement 1963-1982", the music includes Mary Lou Williams, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Joe McPhee, Archie Shepp, Sun Ra and more. Great liner notes with the first volume too. £13 for each double LP.
New Orleans Funk
Volumes one and two are in. These are both truly outstanding albums, just look at who's on here - Eddie Bo, The Meters, Allen Toussaint, Professor Longhair, Dr. John, Betty Harris, Aaron Neville, The Gaturs, basically anyone who's anyone from NOLA is on here, and at £15 for each triple LP, these are TOTALLY ESSENTIAL! They're that good, I even wrote in capitals and emboldened it.
Jamaica Funk
This is a compilation of original Jamaican funk and soul 45s, featuring Jah Lloyd, The Heptones, Big Youth, Augustus Pablo and many more. £13 for a double LP.
Miami Sound
A compilation of rare funk and soul from 1967-1974, featuring acts such as George McCrae, Gwen McCrae, Joey Gilmore, Little Beaver and more. £13 for this double LP.

That's your lot for now. More updates as and when. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you in the shop soon.