Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Recent additions and more to come

Here are some recent additions to our stock at Dragon Records:

TORTOISE - back in 1996 Tortoise released four 12" records of remixes. We have all four in stock at the price of £4 each. Remixers on the records are UNKLE, John McEntire, Oval, Springheel Jack, Bedouin Ascent & Jim O'Rourke, Luke Vibert and Bundy K Brown. We only have one copy of each in, so if you want one (or all of them!) get down and pick 'em up!

SONIC BOOM - we've got a few Sonic Boom related releases in, one by Magnetophone on one-sided pink vinyl, a Swallow 7" on red vinyl, and a 12" EP by Sunray.

THERAPY? - more stuff in, on 7" this time. Teethgrinder and Shortsharpshock, both on coloured vinyl.

TINDERSTICKS - the 4-track Kathleen EP is in, with the title track being a Townes Van Zandt cover. Only 5000 were made, this is the only copy instore.

DJ FORMAT - the mix that he did for Fabric is in on CD. He's playing here soon so this is a taster of what you might get at the gig. A good mix of soul, funk, hip hop and more.

GARBAGE - Queer, Only Happy When It Rains, Milk and two copies of Stupid Girl are in. These are the limited edition 7" records, so there are all sorts of stuff on them - holograms, cloth bags, perspex of each, apart from Stupid Girl, there are two of those, but in different coloured cloth bags. Worth a look if Shirley and the boys are your thing.

On the noisier end of things, we've got stuff in by AIR CONDITIONING, BLACK DICE, ROBEDOOR, SNOWBLOOD, ZODIACS, HEY COLOSSUS, CAN'T and CLOCKCLEANER to name but a few.

If you're feeling soulful, bluesy, funky or jazzy, check out MONGO SANTAMARIA, LITTLE WALTER, JAMES CARR, JIMMY McGRIFF, JIMMY SMITH and more.

If dancing's your thing then can we tempt you with UNDERWORLD, SABRES OF PARADISE, LEFTFIELD, or the many 12" records we have in?

And don't forget our psychedelic, hip hop and reggae too - DJ SHADOW, AUTOMATO, DJ KRUSH, ZUN ZUN EGUI, THE NOMADS, KEITH HUDSON, KING TUBBY and NINEY THE OBSERVER are all in our racks. EDIT - Niney's gone - try KING TUBBY or the compilations from TREASURE ISLE or RANDY'S studios instead.

Stuff we're hopefully getting in over the next week (if it's in stock with our distributors!) includes JUAN ATKINS, BUILT TO SPILL, WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS, MAGIC LANTERN (my personal favourite album of the year so far), MOON UNIT, MOUNT CARMEL, WOODS, TWIN SISTER, CHROME HOOF, AWESOME COLOR, MADVILLAIN, PEANUT BUTTER WOLF, THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART and KING MIDAS more!

We'll continue to update this blog whenever we get stuff in or have something to say, so thanks for reading!

Hope to see you in the shop soon.


  1. Hope the Garbage half-footers are still in stock by tomorrow.

  2. As I type, they are. They're all in the 7" rack, apart from Queer, that's behind the counter, so do ask if you want that one-it's still in its original bubble wrap!