Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wooden Shjips, Woods, Chrome Hoof, Richter Collective and lots more

There's a lot of stuff come in, so less info this time round, just to save on the typing!

Also, Backbeat's move into the shop is complete, so come in and stock up on your metal (speed, death, black, thrash and heavy are all here) and proper punk. There's also been in an increase in our reggae/dub/ska selection too, and lots more back catalogue rock stuff too. Definitely worth coming in and having a browse, you might find that special something you've been after. Some good box sets by The Rolling Stones too on coloured vinyl and CD, also some Pink Floyd on coloured vinyl too, along with other rarities.

OK, here goes - decent sized experimental/noise/rock shipment, plus stuff from Dublin label Richter Collective.

WOODS - AT ECHO PARK: lush new album on Woodsist from these lo-fi indie folk rockers. Quite Byrds-ian in places. Great vocals too. CD/LP £13/£16.

TWIN SISTER - COLOR YOUR LIFE: dream-dance music from this NY five piece. Getting plenty of blog buzz right now, even made number 25 in State's albums of the year, and it's only July. Highly recommended. CD/LP £12/£16.

WOODEN SHJIPS - S/T, DOS, VOL.1 and VOL. 2: I don't think I need to say much about this San Francisco combo, they riff and rock and do it very well. Minimal repetitive psych garage rock. Think Spacemen 3, Hawkwind, Loop, The Velvet Underground, Neu!, Can - you get the picture. All in on CD/LP, £13/£16.

MAGIC LANTERN - PLATOON: album of the year so far, says I. Sadly, it's the band's last, on the always fabulous Not Not Fun records. In a similar vein to Wooden Shjips, but maybe a bit looser and funkier in places. Wah-tastic. The CD has two extra tracks (which are both sides of the band's last 7"). Totally recommended. CD/LP £13/£16. We also have the split LP by MAGIC LANTERN/HOP FROG COLLECTIVE £13.

TY SEGALL - MELTED: More psychedelic San Franciscan happenings here. Melodic, short, sharp and sweet pop songs, and a bit harder than his first two albums. CD/LP £13/£16.

QUACK QUACK - SLOW AS AN EYEBALL: this fabulous band from Leeds release their debut album proper, at last. Post rock? Jazz? Krautrock? A bit of all of them, really. Features guest appearances from members of Polar Bear and Spectrum. Recommended. CD £12.

FRANCIS HAROLD & THE HOLOGRAMS - WHO SAID THESE WERE HAPPY TIMES: this is out on Agitated Records, highly noisy rock in the Pissed Jeans vein, howling and screaming at you from your stereo. Demands to be played loud. CD £12.

: this is a compilation of two previously released EPs and some new tracks. Includes the fabulous 'Sacrosanction'. LP £12.

MOON DUO - ESCAPE: This Wooden Shjips offshoot is an organ/guitar/drum based duo in a similar repetitive style to their main band. We've also got the CATCH AS CATCH CAN 7" in from them too. Perhaps a little more electronics based than Wooden Shjips, so think Suicide and Silver Apples. CD/LP/7" £13/£16/£4.

SHIT & SHINE - CUNTS WITH ROSES: a live rehearsal performance from 2006 caught for posterity on this LP - only 300 copies worldwide. I think what they're trying to say is 'Fuck you, studio space! We're here to wreck you!'. Loud, pummelling, tribal, pummelling, anarchic, pummelling... LP £11.

MOUNT CARMEL - S/T: we're talking proper blues-rock here. Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Ten Years After, just good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. There's an extra track on the CD. It's out on Siltbreeze but it's not the label's typical product. No Sic Alps or Psychedelic Horseshit or Times New Viking lo fi noise on here, just good old 60s/70s style rock. Highly recommended. NME would hate it, isn't that reason enough to buy it?! CD/LP £13/£18.

ELECTRIC EELS - EYEBALL OF HELL: It's got 'Agitated' on it, what more do you want?! That should be all you need to know! Fuzzy, grungey, barking pre-punk garage noise rock from 1975. CD £12.

RELIGIOUS KNIVES - IT'S AFTER DARK: full on band release on Troubleman Unlimited from this Brooklyn band, featuring members of Double Leopards and Mouthus. Psychedelic droning noise, the dual husband/wife vocals, Krautrock jams and psychedelic trips. LP £16.

CHROME HOOF - CRUSH DEPTH: This London-based band kind of defies description. The facts - it's a twelve piece band. They dress like future warlocks/witches. This is the band's third album. The band plays electro-disco-metal-funk-jazz-psychedelic-space-rock. I suppose influences would include Sun Ra for sure, Parliament too. Highly recommended. CD £12.

WANDA JACKSON - YOU KNOW I'M NO GOOD / SHAKING ALL OVER: this is a single on Third Man Records, Jack White's label. It's really fabulous. 7" £4.

Right, onto the Richter Collective stuff (all CDs and vinyl are £10):

ADEBISI SHANK - THIS IS THE ALBUM OF A BAND CALLED ADEBISI SHANK: instrumental rock from this Wexford trio. You know it makes sense. 10" LP.

BATS - RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW and CRUEL SEA SCIENTIST: two releases from this Dublin band of noise prog metal rockers. Very good things on CD.

CATS AND CATS AND CATS - WHERE DID YOU GET LOST TO?: nice jangly melodic indie music from this English band on 10" vinyl.

ENEMIES - WE'VE BEEN TALKING: there seems to be quite a buzz about this Wicklow band at the minute, well deserved it is too. High order post rock, recommended. CD.

THE CONTINUOUS BATTLE OF ORDER - PTTRN SKRS: fabulous Belfast guitar/drums duo. Totally exhilarating music from these two ex-We Are Knives fellas. Powerful stuff. CD.

HANDS UP WHO WANTS TO DIE / I'LL EAT YOUR FACE - SPLIT: Dublin and Cork bands respectively, crazy heavy savage throbbing noise on 10" vinyl.

THE REDNECK MANIFESTO - FRIENDSHIP: lovely looking gatefold vinyl LP from this Irish band. An adventurous outing, more electronic than past releases, more textured. Recommended, obviously.

JOGGING - MINUTES: shouty, screamy and frantic noise from this Dublin guitar/bass/drums/vocals trio on CD.

That's it for now - we're expecting the NOT SQUARES 7" in soon too, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading through all that, if you did!

See you instore, hopefully.

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