Thursday, 7 October 2010

Adebisi Shank, The Redneck Manifesto and Logikparty

The new album by Adebisi Shank is now in on LP and CD (£11) and it's a cracker. You've probably seen it mentioned all over the blogosphere, and it is well worth picking up.

Also definitely worth getting your hands on is The Redneck Manifesto's stuff. We've got Friendship in on LP (£11) and CD (£10) and we also have the reissue of 'Thirty Six Strings/Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head' on double CD (£12).

The Logikparty 'High Risk Narcissist' 10" is in as well (£10) and is another good 'un!

All the vinyl copies of these releases come with download cards to redeem the mp3 copies.

We love The Richter Collective releases here at Dragon Records. You can't go wrong with their stuff!

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